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I am doing art, a lot of art actually... a lot of really good art, actually, but I do not have a scanner here right now, so I'm going to dump a shit ton of images into my page when I get my scanner back and no one will be able to escape.  

I've actually been drawing a lot of dudes, like really good ones.  This is weird considering I suck at drawing dudes mostly.  I don't know why, I think it's because I always make them look pretty gay (not derogatory) because I'm used to drawing girl outfits and then people think hat my boys are girls, so I just slap a pair of boobs on them and, voila! Instant chick.  But now that I work full-time, I have 8 hours a day to stare at men (not creepy) and look up how to draw them on the interwebs (less creepy).  The result are fantastically proportionate, eye-candy delicious men, who spill from the pages of my notebook as questionable white substances spill from a teen boy's dirty sock pile.  I also brushed up on my weapons and drew a new one: Giant Boomerang.  Pretty nifty, right?

There's one catch, though.  I don't have my sketchbook here, so more than half of these drawings are on yellow lined notepad paper, and the other half is on a graph paper pad with my company logo on it.  Haha.  I definitely raid the company supply closet when I get bored.  I've also learned that Gorilla Glue can stick anything to anything.  Yay Science.

Anyways. just letting you know I'm still around.  2, 979 pageviews!  Close to 3,000.  Legit.  :D
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Illusionation Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2011
"I AM NOT DEAD." Girl, you lie.
Also, boobs = instant chick with anything. Questionably gendered seagull? Boobs. Girl. Anonymous amorphously shaped object? Boobs. Girl. Chiseled, sculpted man-bod? Boobs. Girl.
P.S. We both need to upload so much art ugh this is ridiculous. I've uploaded ONE thing this summer. I HAVE SO MANY TRANSFORMERS AND YOU HAVE SO MANY MEN.
CactusSun Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2011
I LOVE YOUR TRANSFORMERS. And I want to see you men. :)
But seriously, this boobs thing is ridiculous.
I was watching Rocco's Modern Life and there was a caterpillar in it.
well, actually there was two, one was a boy and one was a girl, and even though they were snuggling and the boy was obvious cause he was green and blue and the girl was pink and purple, they still animated some boobs onto the girl. I was like //facepalm. -____-
I'm gonna cry when I have to upload all of this shit. It will take forever.
And I really and not dead- I'm UNDEAD.
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